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Universally recognized colour for danger
Rose Tyler: What's the emergency?
The Doctor: It's mauve.
by LindzTheCanadian July 10, 2008
A moderate grayish violet to moderate reddish purple.
Only idiots pronounce the color 'mauve' "mawv".

See: Pronounciation.
by Pepperidge Farm November 06, 2004
Its the fucking colour of hate
its like that one sour grape of the rotting apple that looks fresh on the outside but inside its just sad and mean. Burn mauve if you see it
by Smexy-pineapple March 01, 2015
Mauve is a feeling of intense "like" that is more than merely crushing on someone, but less than actually "loving them". Someone often mauves someone they really care about but havn't known long enough to be comfortable saying "I love you" to.
I mauve you


Those two are deeply in mauve
by CaptainBadass6000 April 29, 2013
mauve is a synonym for cool, except that it is much, much cooler than cool. In fact, it is the coolest possible synonym for cool. Ever.

Really, the only word to describe mauve IS mauve.
Damn. that girl is MAUVE!

Thanks Steph! That's so mauve of you.

Chuck Norris is pretty mauve.
by Shades of Mauve February 03, 2010
a term for somebody who is indecisive or weak.
Comes from the colour not being purple/blue/pink and pale.
"Oh i don't know if i should smoke that..."
"Oh come on! What are you Mauve?"
by Ford206 April 13, 2008
the rumoured colour that ones penis turns after having sex for the first time
oh yes ive finaly got sum pussy, my cocks now mauve
by Phil200147 October 10, 2006

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