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Where dreams go to die.
"If you have lived in Ormskirk all your life you have never known human kindness"
by Who is Benjamin Disraeli? April 09, 2010
51 21
ormskirk is a class place in the heart of lancashire.
ormskirk is the best place in the u.k from the knitting shop to the morrisons, best place going
by sub594 April 05, 2011
12 17
A town situated right in the middle of Liverpool, known for a culture of 'wool slaying'. People are friendly and are known to have the strongest scouse accent in Liverpool.
Eyy lad you comin to town with us today?
Yeah kidda when are youse goin like?
Aba 3, meet us at ormskirk trainy yeah?
Yeah sound laa
by OrmskirkscouseandproudFTM January 23, 2012
11 20