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Some usually from Ireland, or from America (who like to think they're Irish by naming their daughter Orla).
She's shy when she first mets someone, then once she knows she can trust them shows them her crazy mad self.
Is pretty, but about 90% of the time doesn't admite it.

Orla starts with an 'O' whitch is not the most common letter to start a name with. But it does led to some very good nicknames, e.g. Oreo


Orlakins... etc...
Noun- Run, Orla, run!
Adj.- That dance is so Orlafide!
by Ireland's lucky charm May 21, 2009
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see sexy
orla's one sexxy bitch !!!
by bytch November 14, 2003
From Old Irish or "gold" + flaith "sovereignty, queen." Name of King Brian Boru's sister and daughter. Popular in the Middle Ages, and again today. Orlaith.
One of our favorite DJ at is Orla
by Chip Taylor August 24, 2006
When you encounter something so insanely awesome, that words cannot aptly describe how cool it really is, you say ORLÁ.
-Look guys! Halo 4 is out!
such a lovely girl, dont know what i would do without you, ssstttuuunnniiinnnggg, omw you are hilarious, you are amazing at sports, i literally love u sososososooo much, amazing taste in clothes, spreads happiness wherever she goes, can be weird but is still seen as smokin, just lysm xxxxxxxx <3 <3
by chickablanca April 26, 2013
most non-innocent person there is, sluttiest slut you can ever find!!!
oh god, there's that orla
by ale-breno September 21, 2010
A dumb blonde who takes weed and is evil.
Damn! She's one evil weed! Hey its ORLA!
by Kylie March 04, 2004

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