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The word Orlaith is a popular name. It's defination is "golden princess." It is a burden to have a MAGNIFICANT name like Orlaith. Because it is commonly mis-pronounced as Or-Lith. And no, no, no!!! It's not Or-Lith!!! It is pronounced Orla, but it must never be spelt Orla, as it is spelt Orlaith. Ok let's recap:

Spelt: Orlaith
Pronounced: Orla

Never Spelt: Orla
Never Pronounced: Or-Lith
<Orlaith> Hiii! I'm Orlaith!
<Random Retard> Why do you spell your name like that? Is your name not Orla?!
<Orlaith> No, it's Orlaith, but pronounced Orla.
<Random Retard> Then why do you have to spell it like that? GOSH Or-Lith! Can you not just be normal and spell it Orla.
<Orlaith> I am anything but normal, my "ith" makes me who i am.
<Random Retard> Whatever Or-Lith...
by Orlaith Ooh June 17, 2007
Slang word referring to an attractive female
"that girl was bare Orlaith and ting!"
by nicoman_2007 February 09, 2007
The Name Orlaith Comes From The Irish Meaning "Golden Princess". Orlaith Is Pronounced Orla, Not Or-lith. The -ith Is The Irish Way Of Spelling It. There Are Many Different Ways To Spell It, Such As-
Orla, Orlagh, Orflaith. But Orlaith Is The Prettiest By Far.
Those Who Are Blessed With This Name Are Very Lucky And Have An Irish Charm.
<girl> Hi, I'm Orlaith.
<boy> Wow. Thats An Unusual Way To Spell It.
<girl> Thats What Makes It Unique And Beautiful.
<boy> I Know.
by Irish-Girl January 31, 2009
slang word referring to an attractive female
"she was bare orlaith and ting!"
by nic_2007 February 09, 2007
irish meaning of mary. means golden princess. a sexy younge girl. shes very popular, a true friend. is a moral person but sometimes can be an immature moral person. is an outgoing person,has a love for outdoors loves sports music art ect. doesnt really have a love for acidemic but is bright naturaly. name is pronounced orla not orla-it.
can be very clumsy but wont beat herself up about it and laugh along with everyone else.

person one: awh shit i just hit the lamp and broke it by accident.
person 2; (laughing) aw its alright, you just pulled a little orlaith
person 1; (laughing) yeah i guess i did, sorry man lol
person 2; (serious) you better pay for that!
by llyodD October 18, 2009
Irish name, derived from the Irish for Gold, "ór". Has strong links with the satanic culture of the early 4th century in Ireland.

Nowadays, it is a name commonly associated Emo groups. This is the stereotypical name of a female Emo, and is used in popular culture to imply someone is an Emo.
Jess: "That girl listens to alternative music and she wears Con's, she must be an Orlaith"

Lauren: "What does that mean?"

Jess: "That means she is a straight up Emo."

Lauren:"Ahhh, that explains a lot about her angry nature, and bashfulness towards others"
by Lauren Sharpe November 12, 2009
a person who suffers some genital crabs
I got with this one last night and ive been walking round like an orlaith since!!
by Bam:D September 04, 2006

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