1) Someone who seems to be attracted to living in the middle of nowhere.

2) An addiction to photoediting.

3) Act of hating the sun.
1) "I lived in Bickleton (see definition) for about 7 years. Now I'm about to head off to Pullman."

2) "You've been photoediting for the past 36 hours straight. Could you maybe take a break now? Geez."
"I can't help it; I have an Orion."

3) "Why is that guy standing in the shade when it's so nice here on the sidewalk, in the beautiful, glorious sunlight?"
"I don't know...He must be Orion-ing."
by Live.Love.Learn July 31, 2009
Space Pirate Ninja from the future. Well known badass, and conqueror. Very tough, hard to kill, and hardly ever gives up. Keeps a positive attitude, and doesn't let things bother him. Others are envious of his talents and abilities and hate him for it, but secretly wish that they were him. People either love or hate him, but those who don't don't know the real Orion yet. Orion is a good friend to have, but someone you don't want as an enemy. But he is very forgiving to his enemies.
Orion just entered the forum and told off that troll.

Orion just liberated the miners from Stern Metal corporation and set them up with Stern Metal's money and facilities.

That troll got jealous of Orion's programming abilities and tried to troll him, but Orion didn't let it bother him and called the troll on his logical fallacies and errors.
by Rob Gorden November 19, 2009
A figure in greek mythology, a hunter of giants, and an avid womanizer. Also a constellation.
Orion was a greek dude.
by Orion March 01, 2004
A manufacturer that makes buses in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Sometimes the buses can be utter trash, sometimes they come out alright
Look at any Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) Bus, 90% of the time, it will be an Orion made bus
by A-Crackhead July 23, 2011
An Awesome thrash metal band from eastchester who are heavily influenced by Metallica. Quite possibly one of the best young metal bands in existence.
the members are,

Nick Chilson: rhythm guitar and vocals
Anthony carella: lead guitar
AJ spinelli: Drums
James Fitzpatrick:bass
"Yo, I went to see ORION in Long island the other day, the show was INCREDIBLE!"
by metallicaguy July 01, 2009
Our Race Is Our Nation
An acronym used by white supremacists. ORION is a common tattoo
by Dylan88 December 25, 2008
a type of axe bodyspray, although it is the least common of the axe scents
"dude, orion is nasty, get some kilo!"
by mr. promiscuos May 19, 2005
The absolute master of all that is leet, elite, eleet, or 1337. He is the most powerful counter strike player, and will pwn any noobs that he may come across.
Dude! Orion is so good, he should be in the PUBMASTERS!
by Geoff "ORION" Naylor January 08, 2005

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