Really really jewish
That's so Oren.
by Oren November 24, 2003
An incredibly handsome and talented individual who might be revered by some as a demigod by some. Orens are usually regarded as members of a humanoid super-species that transcends the bounds of space, time, and conventional measurements of attractiveness.
Wow, you have the strength of ten men, the grace of a majestic eagle, and the voice of an choir of angels; you're such an Oren!

I wish I was an Oren.
by UDTruthTellr August 12, 2013
What you call a person who loves illegal things and refuses to admit their true Jewishness. They're nice and funny though!
Don't be such an Oren about it, you're Jewish! Admit it!
by TaterTots December 06, 2004
The last character to die in the first Kill Bill movie.

A half japanese and half chinese military brat who had her parents killed by a yakuza boss.
Oren Ishii was the first 'boss' of Bill's arsenal that 'The Bride' killed.
by Kill Bill Fantionary January 16, 2009
This name is given when the predicted height of a child is shorter than the average height. Someone who is named Oren is short. Flat out simple.
Your name is Oren because you are short!
by I Am Anonymous and Fun June 26, 2007

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