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A girl is positioned in a chair at a 60 degree angle. A man then proceeds to climb up, squat, & shit on her chest, causing it to slide down her stomach and eventually dripping off the genitalia.

*Note: Both participants must be completely nude.
"Hey has anyone seen JMFS or SMFH around?"
""Yeah they're down by the fire. He's giving her an Arabian Mud Slide.""
"Dude, I love me a good 'ol fashioned Arabian Mud Slide!"
by JMFS&SMFH October 19, 2014
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When one decides to take the arabian sandstorm to the next level and rips a shart while outfitting a lucky partner with a new set of Arabian Goggles.
I do say love, remove your finger from my Rusty Sheriff's Badge and ready yourself for an arabian mudslide.
by Mr. Furious April 06, 2005
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