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The mascot of a school in a small town in Iowa, being a combination of the words orange and black, the school colors. It is a great legend among the students and staff the the name originated from a naming contest held in the late fifties. A change of names has been discussed several times, but since it landed the town on ESPN's Worst Mascots list one time, it has survived.

The students have tried every thing they can to get it changed. Nothing can be done, except to buck up and join in a cheer of 'Orab! Power!'
"Dude, Orabs lost last night."
"What the hell is an Orab?"
"Like the colors. Orange and black."
"...that's f'ing retarded."
"Yeah. I know." -sigh-
by K.R.J December 16, 2010
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A Winner. A Stud. Anything Orange and Black.
You're rockin' the Orab spirit.
by jjrcj October 21, 2009
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A South-African pickle farmer. Or the very uncreative name of a mascot for Sheldon High School in Sheldom Iowa. Their colors are orange and Black which creates Orabs. What dumbasses.
"Hey man who are we playing? The orabs. What retard picked that name? Its said to be a south african pickle farmer.
by badass831 November 14, 2010
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