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Optimus Priming (verb): "To crush, shatter, melt, detonate, or otherwise epically destroy a robot or piece of machinery, hostile or inanimate, with force exhibiting the extra terrestrial strength of a giant humanoid robot such as Optimus Prime"
(1. "Dude, your car is such a piece of shit, lets just get a sledge hammer and Optimus Prime it... "
(2. "My mom got angry when she caught me Optimus Priming our toaster this morning when I had clearly set the thing to "light" and not "burnt to a crisp cause I'm a robot bastard".. I sure showed it who's boss"
by Bootstrap Bill July 02, 2009
While on a gaming console and someone's headset starts to glitch and renders them unable to be understood. Can also be used for the loud screeching, beeping sound a headset can make.
"Thrust, you're optimus priming again!"
by BRTT March 09, 2014
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