The worst smell you can possibly imagine.
Oh shit! The mystery meat in the cafe smells like open ass. Fuck that, I'm going to the pizza place.
by KristynC April 14, 2006
Top Definition
Used to describe an unpleasant smell
Jesus Christ! Take a shower! You smell like open ass!
by gina November 20, 2003
Used to describe the scent eminating from a man's ass who obviously has a serious medical condition. Also a by-product of irritable bowel syndrome, this condition can also lead to sharting.
Dude, you smell like open ass. What crawled up there and died?
by athffan September 30, 2006
As a police office is patting down a suspect, as he goes down the leg he get a whiff of nasty, sweaty, funky ass.
Man that MF'er had some major open ass.
by Mojo Man wolf October 31, 2006
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