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6 definitions by KristynC

He/she whose actions give off the true essence of being a huge douchebag.
Hey! Look at this, Douchey McDouchebag didn't use his fucking turn signal. What a shock!
by KristynC April 14, 2006
A child who feels the need to fingerpaint with his/her own excrement.
Oh look at this, Poopy Picasso's gone after the walls again.
by KristynC April 14, 2006
The worst smell you can possibly imagine.
Oh shit! The mystery meat in the cafe smells like open ass. Fuck that, I'm going to the pizza place.
by KristynC April 14, 2006
An expression of admiration for the backside of another individual.

Can also be used in reference to a member of the entertainment industry when the only notable thing about a performance was said backside.
Jessica Alba was asstabulous in "Into the Blue"
by KristynC April 14, 2006
An individual who attends or who has attended a vocational high school. A tough label to shake, Vokies are often unfairly perceived as being unintelligent and unmotivated.
Marty's a janitor now? Typical Vokie.

by KristynC November 11, 2006
A combination of "ass hat" and "fuck tard". Only use this for those who meet the requirements for both definitions.
That guy wrote "I love Nancy" on his nuts, took a picture, and posted it on his myspace page. What a tard hat.
by KristynC April 14, 2006