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A weird creature in City of Heros that spits snot at you.
OMG! Lets go cut some more of those fucking Oogs!
by The Todd October 12, 2004
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What a caveman says, usually in excitement, rage, or confusion.
"Oooooooog!" (watching fire)
"Oog?" (noticing "woman" for the first time)
"OOG! OOG! OOOOOOG!" (fighting monkey that trashed his cave)
"oooooooog..." (getting intoxicated)
by Idontevenknow July 04, 2005
Original Original Gangsta:

The first gangsta's in the hip-hop/rap game. Mostly before the 2000's
The Sugarhil Gang, Dougie Fresh, Snoop Dogg, Tupac, and Biggie Smalls were all OOGs.
by triangleoffense November 23, 2010

Based on the pursuit of personal info by fellow internet users beyond what is normally acceptable by a user under the handle "Oogie". To "Oog" indicates any act beyond what is socially acceptable, or any act closely resembling stalking, that involves stockpiling information on other users in an effort to gain data on their personal life.

"I oogied some info and now have your personal home telephone number, your daily work hours, how many kids you have, what schools they attend, where you work, and how much you got paid last know, the basics."

by Professor X October 10, 2005
Units of one hundred grams (tenths of a kilogram). Generally used in the plural. Derives from the pronunciation of the written form <something>00g.
500g = five oogs
"This weighs three oogs, but the envelope's only allowed 250."
by Rosuav November 08, 2006
Grossed out, a little sick to your stomach, uncomfortable, slightly scary, weird, creepy
The way Ken talks about his pet fish oogs me out. I think he needs a girlfriend.
by AnnieB. October 13, 2010
Out of gas. Can also be used in situations where your asshole of a friend borrows your car and brings it back with an empty tank.
Hey, your car have gas? No, it's ooged.
by Anonymous503 April 26, 2013
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