The manufacturing of lag in order to gain an unfair advantage while playing.
That dude is ooging. He is teleporting from place to place. what a scrub.
by PANTOCRATOR December 30, 2003
Original O.G.
You know frankie, the o.o.g. he's like 60 man!
by D Money August 19, 2003
Abbreviation for the term, 'Oh Our God,' used rather than, 'Oh My God.' Some people (mostly super religious ones) are offended that you would think that God "belongs" to you, so now if you ever meet a crazy religious person, make sure you make it seem as if you "share" God.
OOG! What the heck did you just do???
by Grimmie XII August 27, 2010
Orbs of Glory; slang for a female's breasts
i wanna bury my head in dose OOG!
by Zosh Walnutian March 26, 2007
To creep or gross someone out. Stronger than either "creep out" or "gross out"--to oog someone out is to both make them uncomfortable and feel slightly nauseous.

Always used with the word "out." See oogy.
"When professors talk about their sex lives, it really oogs me out."
by tullia March 03, 2004
A term used in online roleplaying games. "OOG" refers to being "out of genre" while playing a game that you are supposed to remain in character for.
"Aye, mate, the lad is talking of things like 'computers'! What kind of witch, warlock, or werewolf be he!"

"Dude, he's just being a little OOG."
by Disparu January 01, 2004
noun - 1. A dumb, naive person who has no luck with women. 2. An online gamer who frequently lags. 3. An incompetent network manager.
That oog can't do anything right.
by willy December 30, 2003

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