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Often used by females as a response to seeing something 'grose' A high pitched tone is preferably used.

Do not confuse with Ooeer An unwitty response to a put-down

However Ooeeeer has been used as a way for 'popular girls' to fend off 'unpopular boys'
Man: Hey baby, wonnna see Mr. Biiiiig?
Woman: Sure, how bad can it b- Ooeeeer!
Man: Don't worry baby, its not as bad as this dead frog i found
Woman: Ooeeeer! (Sleeps with dead frog)

Example B

Unpopular boy: (Sniff snort snort) Will you go (snort) out with me Kimber?
Popular Girl: Ooeeeer!
Unpopular boy: I thought so... (sucks on inhaler)

by Kid Nock January 10, 2006
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