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1.Meaning good-bye, often used by "Hip Hop heads". Sometimes refering to the sole love of Hip Hop.

2.Track number 7 on classic Nas album, Illmatic (1994)
A:Hey I gotta run, I'll catch ya later fam!
B:Aiite, one love!

A:Yo, what album is "One Love" on?
B:Illmatic by Nas, track number 7 man.
by Chase June 17, 2006
A bomb-ass crew that chills, plays HANDS and makes sick videos.
Oh my god we should so hang out with the One Love crew this week.
by Looeez March 18, 2004
interjection. meaning goodbye.
i'm out. one love
by Anonymous October 26, 2003
A marijuana joint rolled in cigar paper, otherwise known as a Blunt.
Yo, lets smoke this one love.
by Miker July 23, 2003