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3 definitions by Looeez

Everythings cool. Nuthins wrong.
Me and that bitchass shaniqua were fightin, then i bout her sum cheapass chocolates and now its all good in the hood
by Looeez May 10, 2003
141 40
A dancer of all nations could mean many things. It could mean a good person, a bad person, or it can be randomly shouted at any time.
1.That kid is crazy, he's the dancer of all nations

2.I love him!! He's the dancer of all nations.
3.Ummmm dancer of all nations? are u there?
4.Person 1:Will you get that glass of water for me?
Person 2:Dancer of all nations...
by Looeez May 10, 2003
1 6
A bomb-ass crew that chills, plays HANDS and makes sick videos.
Oh my god we should so hang out with the One Love crew this week.
by Looeez March 18, 2004
40 559