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1. Noun
An mainstream early evening show on UK channel BBC1 covering topical issues and featuring celebrity guests.

2. Adjective
An opinion, idea, philosophy, or political leaning that follows the rather bland and unimaginative opinions usually offered on The One Show. Examples of 'One Show thinking' are the ideas that cuts in government spending are bad, more money should be spent on health and education, rich people should be taxed more, drugs are bad, women are discriminated against, bankers are evil etc.

Note that 'One Show opinions' aren't necessarily wrong as such. They just usually demonstrate, at best, a rudimentary understanding of the subject at hand, reducing complex issues to crude generalisations and sound bites and/or using widely believed misinformation to come to conclusions that are erroneous, over-simplistic or impractical.
That idea is completely One Show
by PiemasterUK April 14, 2011
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