A group of 5 British chino wearing wankers who consistently release awful music, therefore pissing the entire male generation off but some how attracting the attention of thousands of wet girls, who are known as "directioners" you will see these girls parading the streets in nothing but mini skirts and low cut t-shirts all year round, if you ever see somebody who matches this criteria, ask them if they like one direction, you will be surprised!
Slag : "OMG all the one direction boys are sooo reem"

random passer by : "do you really think so?"

Slag : "Yeah course!! im a directioner"

Random passer by : *hits slag in face with spade*
#one direction #x-factor #simon cowell #chino's #wankers #twats #awfull music
by TopLad January 09, 2012
A shitty boy band that basically came out of nowhere. They're only famous because they won X Factor. They produce horrible over-autotuned music, look like they're not even 16, and the only slightly good thing they have going for them is their hair. They mind control girls into liking them and their disgusting music. The only thing their fans talk about is how "hot" One Direction is and how they want to fuck various members. If anyone even dares to voice their opinion on them, these girls will track you down and force you to say differently.
Guy: What the fuck is your problem?
#1d #one direction #shitty boy band #boy band #x factor #tumblr
by ronburgundythethird March 03, 2012
Just the best, hottest boy band out there.

Made up of five british teenage guys; Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan.

Some say it's not possible to find a group of friends that are all so hot, but hey look at them.
Person 1: Have you heard one direction's new song?!

Person 2: OMG yes! I love it! Can they be any hotter? Seriously!

Person 1: Not possible. ;)
#onedirection #hotness #1direction #1d #babes.
by Chloeee93100 August 23, 2011
the boy band that ruined my life
fan #1: one direction
fan #2: *throws self off nearest cliff*
#one direction #1d #x-factor #homewreckers #life ruiners
One Direction is a UK boy band that consists of five young rascals, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, and Louis Tomlinson. They make the females go crazy. Like really, CRAZY BRO. What these poor females don't understand is that these young rascals are flaming homosexuals. Yes that's right ladies, FAGGOTS. Some would say that they just have a "bromance" but their interactions with each other on camera is proof that their "bromance" is much more homoerotic than friendly man love.
"What direction do five gay guys walk? One Direction."

Tommy: Hey bro my dog is acting more queer than One Direction."

Jimmy: "Burn the poor bastard then."
#faggot #gay #uk #boy #band #homosexual #queer #simon cowell
by TheHolyGrailofMadness July 11, 2012
A band that involves 5 gay boys that strangle cats
"Man! One direction are bad!"
#one #direction #gay #bad #bent
by Epiclukeyboy October 18, 2014
An over rated boy band that musically oblivious teenage girls seem to be obsessed with for some unknown reason. They have decent voices but terrible hair and all look like they're about 14.
Musically oblivious teenage girl- omg don't you love one direction? omg they're so hot.

Normal person- you're an idiot.
#one direction #bad hair #ugly #teenage boy #oblivious teenager #one directon
by flyknowsall January 10, 2012
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