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A perfectly timed, short, witty remark. Used to put someone in their place, put someone down, make a humorous remark or observation, or to simply show the world how awesome you are.

The best One Liners make use of that wonderous language device the pun as well as sheer wit and good timing.

Commonly used by many great actors in action movies.
1) Arnold Schwarzenegger in Predator after getting someone with a thrown knife which stuck the man to the wall:

"Stick around!"

2) Arnold (again) in Commando after dangling Sully (one of the villians) off of a cliff and then letting him drop:

"What Happened to Sully?"
"I let him go."

3) John Wayne in The War Wagon after he and his partner shoot two bad guys at once:

partner: "Mine hit the ground first!"
John Wayne: "Mine was taller."
by Bythorsbeard January 19, 2005
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To verbally rip someone apart using only a phrase or sentence.
That guy though he was the shit til I dropped a little one liner on him infront of his girl.
by Dan Hunnewell November 30, 2004
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One Piece's Zoro's badass statements, usually at the end of a episode
Dude did you watch the One Piece episode
No, will later
Zoro's one liner was the best!
by Blazing_Fire_ January 24, 2015
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a grafditi term often used to mean a word written without interruption where all of the letters are connected, graffiti script
"yo doser's new one liner is off the heezie"
by jimbotron3 November 11, 2006
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