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London street slang. To steal.
go raze me some paint.
by phoe July 04, 2003
Killing, annihilating, destroying.
Raze your hands in victory!
by DasHeaven August 30, 2003
To cut someone as if with an old-school shaving razor.
If you touch my shit again, I'm going to fucking raze you.
by Absoludacris06 December 11, 2006
Notorious graffiti artist from New Haven, CT. Seen as a scourge of local society, for his relentless acts of ART!! (not vandalism). Part of the Gas Mask Kids. often, next to his work a "203" will be written, indicating the area code of his neighborhood.
by Evilution February 11, 2008
Adj. Incredibly cool, tight, sweet. Also: Razing, razed
"Dude we're gonna spend the summer in Cabo!"
"Raze, man."

"Hey, there's a razing party going on. Get over here!"
by urbanslang5 June 09, 2006