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Usually being on a "mission" refers to be searching for any kind of drugs, but can also mean looking for other things.

Yo, I'm on a mad mission to cop some weed, bro.

Hey, did you just see some kids pass by on a mission?
by AC November 15, 2006
to be on a mission means to be looking for some greenery or some ass
"driving my lincoln down Imperial, still on a mission for some ass and this chica i met the anoher day keeps paging me...damn who this? i gotta swoop on this one !"
by Swoopa April 24, 2009
When you are out to get straight fucked up. Slamming beers, taking shots, anything is game. You don't care what you do or where you're going but there better be alcohol involved and some serious good times. When your friends see the rate that you're consuming alcoholic beverages or that on purpose decided to skip dinner... they know you must be on a mission.
Did you see Captain Kerry last night? She was on a mission with that Captain Morgan!
by JoesSexywifey December 17, 2010
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