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At risk. In peril.
Most often used to describe someone or something that may be cut from scope or removed from the group.
"We need 5 people for the team. We have already chosen 4 and so the remaining 6 of the applicants are on the bubble."
by Missy S April 03, 2006
to be in a very uncertain and dangerous situation
Allegations of fraud have put the minister's career on the bubble.
by HarryD February 08, 2008
smoking crystal meth, particularly pertaining to the method involving a light bulb.
I think Tom is on the bubble.

No he's not, he just smokes weed.
by Tris26 June 11, 2010
rising to stardom
did you see him he's on the bubble
by ben February 04, 2004
When your fucking a girl (or masturbating, whichever one piques your fancy) and you get a phone call right before you cum, thereby disrupting your "flow".
(Cell phone rings).
Kevin: "Hello? Dude, I'm on the bubble!! I'll call you back in 5 minutes!"
by bigtones March 30, 2005

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