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One who has extreme amounts of savvy about computers and has been known to have revived at least ONE from the dead. The go-to person for computer troubles.

After drowning my laptop with a "spot of tea" while traveling, with a huge deadline looming Monday afternoon, a computer geek friend salvaged my hard drive from my scrapped computer. When I left his house at 1:30am with my drive safely snuggled into another pieced-together computer, I had all drivers functioning, wireless working, all apps, docs, pics, music, videos - everything- saved from my attempted green tea drowning. I've nicknamed him "The Omniputor."
After my 4 year old took my laptop for a sleigh ride down a 20 foot stair case, I was sure the splintered mess was doomed. Fortunately, the local teen geek, Giuseppe the Omniputor, brought it back from the dead.
by Zinegal October 24, 2013
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