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Omd is an acronym for "On My Dick." It's primarily said when a girl is completely obsessed with a guy. Her actions can display her affection such as: following, consistently calling/texting, stalking, complimenting, complying to his demands, or anything that makes it seem as if they're whipped. This word applies to guys, too (not entirely for sexual matters).

Fun fact: Omd is commonly used in the texting world today.
Example 1:

Dude, Vincent! You won't believe it! I talked to that chick for like 2 minutes and she already wants my digits! She's Omd!
by LaX LeGenD November 20, 2009
35 51
accronym for oh my dayz/oh my days

nothing special, just another version of omg
omd what happened to that guys face
by prince a.j. December 07, 2006
147 72
The French counterpart of OMG, omd is internet slang for O Mon Dieu.
OMD, avez-vous vu ce qu'elle a porté aujourd'hui?
by Cliff Whitty May 22, 2007
133 59
oh my days
another way of sayin oh my god or oh my gosh
::omds dat boy looks bum
by 328941 November 20, 2003
45 21
oh my days
Me: tom i got a serious question
Me: do you have a map?
Tom: yes why?
Me:because you have been running through my mind all day
Tom: omd
by cypher1100 March 25, 2010
30 15
Abbreviation for the band Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark.
OMDs song, "If You Leave", is an 80s classic!
by INXpeteR August 05, 2007
47 35
oh mo dhia!!! (pronounced oh muh yee-ah)

oh my god (omg) in irish
omd where did my guiness go?!
by irishgal444 February 03, 2010
12 11
Oh my Derby!

Used in conversations to describe a situation that reminds you of the Kentucky Derby.
OMD! That chick's so drunk she's riding mud like a slip in slide!
by True Life Detroit May 14, 2010
7 8