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My SEXY husband, also the lead singer of da hottest group eva:B2K
Omarion is so FOOOOOINE.
by Shea Grandberry December 05, 2003
23 39
Crappy R&B singer with a crappy face. Used to be in a crappy group called bqk, B4L, B2Z, or some shit like that.
Damz, Omarion! When yo azz wuz bone it looks like instead of da DR smacking yo azz, it looks like he beat yoo in yo face wit a brick.
by I forget May 09, 2005
46 63
Short yet talented RnB singer who ditched B2K and loves his body so much he don't even care about the fine women in his videos.
In "O", he spends more time staring at his naked self in the mirror than with his girl. He won't even wash his face with water; he'd rather jerk it away with fear that it might spoil his makeup. The boy don't even own a driver's license, he has to get Bokeem Woodbine to drive him around.
by venusflytrap January 17, 2005
28 47