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A good way to say motherfucker
That muthascracther pinched my ass!!
by ChickenFungoo May 01, 2005
Making out, Intense Making out.
Can lead to sex
see Shooka Shooka
Me and mah baby Shook kookied for the whole day.
by ChickenFungoo May 07, 2005
SEXING, making love, a code used for when u want to talk about sex but an authority figure is around
Yo, i saw my baby today. We Shooka Shooka!!
by ChickenFungoo May 07, 2005
big nosed guy who has a whiny voice..typical songs and can be occasionally sexy.
Ohhhhhh....my song suckz.....my name is omarion..thats how itz goin downnnnnn,
by ChickenFungoo May 01, 2005
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