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1. Phrase used to question the wisdom of a smartass trying to pass off infomation on a topic you know the person knows little or nothing about.

2.Can also be used to change the subject.

Versatile phrase used as a put down.
Guy 1: I think I need more fiber in my diet because I only shit once a day and my ass bleeds.
Guy 2: What are you an assologist? or
What are you a colonologist? or
What are you a fiberologist? or
What are you an assbleedologist? etc.
by Mo Jo March 14, 2008
A suffix added to common nouns to describe a person who is knowledgeable about said noun.
Steve: Ryan just made a bacon sandwich topped with bacon sauce.

Tyler: Well, duh. He's a baconologist

Steve: What?

Tyler: Bacon with -ologist added
by Hypotra December 25, 2011
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