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the perfect drink for unemployed canadians like me. 8% alcohol(CAN) 7.5(USA). after this, beers taste like spring water
i busted that olde english bottle over that fat chicks neck!
by brodizzle January 06, 2004
a huge BASS booming fart that's shockwave alerts other people sitting on the couch, bench, floor or bed.
that ASS FART knocked over my drink, and it was 4 feet away!
by brodizzle January 06, 2004
any of the following: smirnoff ice, boomarang, tornado, bacardi silver, growers, VODKA. any booze with some sort of fruity shyt in it. real men dont resort to these beverages!
some stupid chick spilt her stupid chick drink on me last thursday.
by brodizzle January 06, 2004
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