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A girl/boy that your roommate insists on bringing home from the bar time after time, despite the fact that she/he hasn't showered, nor can she/he spell shower. Eventually this clever animal, like an infectious disease, will; 1) live in your apartment, 2) eat your food, 3) use all of your toiletries and laundry soap in a sad, and unsuccessful attempt to "de-slick" themselves!

If you are at home now, turn to your left, now turn to your right, he/she is the one that is not your roommate!
"I can't believe it, that Oil Slick has been over every night this week and now there isn't any toilet paper!"
by Le Morte January 10, 2013
The feeling a person gets during sex when the man ejaculates at the same time the woman does causing double lubrication.
Last night the shit was dry but I was hitting that shit so good tonight I caused an oil slick.
by frisbee ken July 09, 2009