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Made popular by a talking cat, it is an expression made to show exasperation or surprise.

Alternatively, it can be used after you tell a joke. Like a "oh, snap!" type of thing.
Guy 1: "Have you paid the rent yet?"
Guy 2: "Oh Long Johnson...nope I haven't yet."

Guy 1: "Hey did you hear Jill is going to be at the party tonight?"
Guy 2: "No, but that's cool."
Guy 1: "I heard she's single now."
Guy 2: "Oh Long Johnson..."
by Sociopanda January 12, 2012
A game named after the phrase spoken during play. An individual stands in a potentially dangerous location and counts how many times he can say "Oh Long Johnson" before moving out of harm's way. A primitive form, involving a train, was made famous in the 1986 film Stand by Me.
Jerry: Hey, get out of the way, Corey, that train's gonna hit you!
Wil: He's playing Oh Long Johnson.
Jerry: What?
Corey: Oh Long Johnson! Oh Long Johnson! Oh Long Johnson! Oh Lo---
by froggypriza March 31, 2012