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Fake merchandise, or fake anything (commonly used in Philly)
Yo look at his boots, them shits are ocky.
He rockin' those ocky ass Gucci glasses.
by Heem Brown September 29, 2011
1. A dramatic increase in muscles that are well-toned and defined.

2. Definition for a person who lifts a lot of weights and can beat the shit out of you.

3. A compliment to a person who lifts weights and loves being called "big" and "ripped"
1. Damn, bro you look mad ocky! You have to let me train with you so I can get ocky too!

2. Don't get near that guy's girl, he's ocky as fuck. He'll definitely beat the shit out of you

3. Guy: *Flexes* You like that?

Girl: OMG, you are so ocky!

Guy: Thanks babe *cheesing*
by ockyniggas June 02, 2013
1. Can be used when describing someone who is nerdy, weird, and who tries to be funny but isn't.
2. Somebody awkward to be around.
Look at Chuck coming over here with his lame-ass comments. He's ocky as hell.
by drewfoo August 27, 2007
Adj. A Term used to describe a courting couple that are grossly disproportionate in physical appearance.
"Hey dude how did that fat chick get that buff guy, what an Ocky!"
by Aidanknowsthescore January 09, 2012
used in place of the term ocky when in disapproval of something
somebody spilled something on your kicks you would say "Come on ocky" instead of using the term yo
by DJ TEDDY410 January 04, 2010
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