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also known as OJD, a serious disease which causes an extreme obsession with a band of brothers, surname being Jonas. There is no known cure for this disease, but most of those who have it, do not mind it, and have learned to manage it. The only way you can do so is going to to get your daily dose of Jonas!
OMJ I love the Jonas Brothers. I have Obsessive Jonas Disorder!!!
by Obsessive Jonas Disorder August 08, 2008
or OJD. A symptom caused by too much Jonas. If you say the name "Jonas" and your friend screams, you know she's got it. Normally found in teenage girls especially around tour time. Or 3D movie time. Or J.O.N.A.S time. Or all three. Send her to Team Jonas immediately.
After seeing the new 3D movie I had major Obsessive Jonas Disorder.
by jonasgirl92 March 16, 2009
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