A vacation whose primary purpose is to fulfill an obligation or obligations, usually ones that are not enjoyable. (E.g. visiting disliked family members, attending memorial services, weddings you'd rather not attend, etc.)
This summer we are going on a vacation to Paris and an oblication to Toronto. My sister is holding Mittens' annual cat memorial service in July. It's pretty far to drive, but we'd never hear the end of it if we weren't there.
by MizPronounced November 04, 2014
A vacation with family.
We're going on an oblication with my husband's family.
We just got back from an oblication with my sister and her family.
by slocy June 07, 2013
A vacation that also fulfills other obligations, usually those dealing with family or work.
I am taking my kids on an oblication to Miami where I have a conference to attend.

We are spending our oblication at my parents place so that they can see their grandkids.
by seafan February 04, 2010
An out-of-town trip that looks like a vacation, but is really done to fulfill an obligation.
We're taking our annual oblication to our in-law's cabin in the woods.
by Moklaw September 20, 2016
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