1) an act of mis-fashion or fashion faux pas. Usually when someone wears something pink.

2) an act of absolute stupidity.

3) Something as anyoning as it can be.
1) a male wearing pink
2)oh man you did an obi
3) oh man wore my underware backwards and inside out, what an obi.
by notanobi June 10, 2006
Top Definition
A wide sash fastened in the back with a large flat bow, worn by women in Japan as a part of the traditional dress.
An obi is a type of belt, typically tied together rather than fastened with a buckle. Adapted from traditional Japanese fashion, obis are a popular method of adding Asian flair to modern outfits. An obi can be purchased or easily made with basic sewing skills. The obi, meaning “sash” in Japanese, was traditionally worn by both men and women, beginning around the 16th century. Men's sashes are typically narrow strips of fabric, while women's can be more than 12 inches (30 cm) wide. Obis can be very long, but may be doubled or tied in elaborate, decorative bows. There are dozens of styles of obi, each associated with traditional tying and tucking methods. Traditionally, an obi is made out of silk, cotton, or brocade, and may be plain or feature a decorative pattern on one or both sides. The color of the fabric can be significant to the wearer; modern Japanese brides, for instance, often wear a pure white obi with their wedding dress. An older custom also calls for white obis to be worn as mourning clothes by widows, but in modern times a black sash may be worn instead. Traditional obis are often made to match or complement a specific kimono, thus people may own several different varieties and colors to match a large wardrobe.
by ♫ Highway to Hell ♫ July 12, 2011
An ancient Nigerian word for sex-king or sex-god.Obi's are usually very well endowed and always perform well in bed.However,they tend to move on quickly to the next fine girl that they see.
Mariah: so how was your valentine's night?

Nicole: Oh it was great, my man is a complete Obi
by aya21 February 25, 2008
What the Japanese call a kimono sash.

Also the first half of a Star Wars Character's name. For a better bio, search Obi Wan Kenobi.
Darn, Why can't they make the Obi longer?

"It's over Anakin. I have the high ground." Obi Wan. (I like that quote)
by Meiloyn December 13, 2005
obi is my name dammit!!!!!!
obi is my name... i dunno where these people get these weird definitions!!!
by obi! July 30, 2004
creeping on everyone on fb and in life.
pokes girls, and comments on random statuses. banned from UMCP for trespassing, and lying about attendance. seems to believe he went to towson, mcdaniel, and now currently is playing football for maryland
Son, i was being an Obi today. i poked 50 girls on fb and i didnt evn knoe em

Yeah, i Obi'd at some college today. it looked nice, so i told everyone i went there
by rockafellabitchhh November 13, 2010
An ancient nigerian word for sex-king or sex-god.Obi's are usually very well endowed and always perform well in bed.However,they tend to move on quickly to the next fine girl that they see.

Mariah:so how was your valentine's night?

Nicole:Oh it was great,my man is a complete Obi!
by aya21 February 26, 2008
It's the German Home Depot
"Hey let's go to Home Depot" Hey 'ya bloody mongrel we're in ze germany,we can go and get some OBI
by Aldo Pussy September 12, 2006

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