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The high-tax, big government, economic growth-killing, centrally planned economic regime favored by Barack Hussein Obama; essentially the same as Communism and Socialism.
Barack Husseing Obama, inflicting Obamunism on the US, will raise taxes on capital gains, dividends, social security, medicare and ordinary income, which will destroy incentives to work, save and invest. This will result in less economic growth, less job growth, and as a consequence, less overall tax revenue.
by Kevin Woods March 02, 2008
a theory or system of social organization that advocates the vesting of the ownership and control of the means of production and distribution, of capital, land, etc., in the community as a whole.
Obamunism is exactly like socialism except it is newer, shinier and less icky sounding.
by benvul October 24, 2008
The new political religion created by our new president Obama
Obamunism is destroying our economy!!!
by Justin0529 March 22, 2009
American communism
Due to recent government bailouts, the country is moving quickly towards Obamunism
by Hugh Smitherson March 20, 2009
O-bom-yuh-niz-uh m- Noun – A political ideology whose namesake is Barack Hussein Obama, the 44th President of the United States. It is a potent blend of Socialism and Fascism which is enforced by a network of community organizers, labor unions, trial lawyers, environmentalists, and dominant media corporations. This network derives its power by pandering to a permanent underclass of recipients of countless varieties of government transfer payments.
The current agenda of the national Democrat party is rooted in Obamunism.
by fearfulfortherepublic October 10, 2009
Communists and Socialists and Marxists of America unite! We finally have a real president who holds our values dear. We support Obama because he wants to nationalize health care, take money from hard-working Americans to give to the poor, and make one class of people. Hooray for communism! Hooray for Obama! Hooray for Obamunism! (That whole democracy thing just wasn't working out anyway.) So, if you are anti-Obama or anti-Democrat (or just totally in love with Obama's Communism, Socialism, or Marxism...Join the Obamunism movement!!)
Current white house residents religion is Obamunism
by willsnyder1 June 12, 2009
The new way of life that the current president is trying to implement and force on the citizens of the United States.

Very bad and is synonymous with the work communism.
The spook was telling me the other day that this country was being ruled by obamunism
by Anti Obamunist October 11, 2009
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