-Noun- A totalitarian/authoritarian system of government characterized by government ownership and/or control of industry and media. Obamunism seeks one party rule and near total dominance of the nation and its people via draconian regulation of business, media, “health and welfare” of the people etc.. Obamunist regimes seek to accomplish this via lucrative deals with large unions and a very select group of powerful corporations, investors and businessmen (e.g. SEIU, AFLCIO, UAW, GE, Warren Buffet, George Soros). The fact that they have the support of this chosen few gives the Obamunists the illusion that they are “pro-business,” “capitalist” and “for the free market.” In fact the Obamunist economy is closer to a socialist/state-capitalist system than a free-market, capitalist system and Obamunist governance is more similar to fascism than that of a democratic republic. Though often denied, the fact is that the road to Obamunism was paved by the political and economic policies of presidents like Theodore and Franklin Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, George H. W. and George W. Bush et al.(we can refer to them as "pre-Obamunists").
Person A:"I can't believe we're being suckered more Obamunism! The Obamunists are calling for another stimulus package for irresponsible banks and fools who bought homes they knew they couldn’t afford! ”
Person B:“True but it was pre-Obamunist policies that encouraged those lenders and borrowers to be so irresponsible”

"Obamunists in the FCC are trying to censor conservative commentary by resurrecting some variation of 'the fairness doctrine'.”
by kas96b December 04, 2010
A word used as a slander for the vaguely leftist doctrines that Barack Obama espouses. The term is exclusively used by neo-conservatives, members of the religious right, and petrified conspiracy theorists.

The term developed out of the widely-held delusion that Obama's policies are anything other then neo-liberal capitalism repackaged and sold to a desperate working class.
Oh no! Just wait for the Obamunism to start up! He's going to give a small fraction of the money back to the migrant workers who my dad hired under-the-table years ago and, although he is not going to do a single thing to stop the current ecocide of this planet, he is certainly going to hurt my pocketbook!
by Future Primitive April 05, 2009
a. An unclever word play version of Barack Obama's last name.
b. The most insightful word that conservative extremists could come up with to describe a false description of a soon to be great government.
c. A word that only has a bunch of thumbs up votes under it because the previously mentioned conservative extremists have nothing better to do than look up stupid plays on words and attempt to spread lies via the internet.
Bubba: I shure cant stand that damn homo lovin' negra president they elected... HE AINT MY PRESEEEDENT!!!
Sherry Lee (14 years old, wife and sister of Bubba, mother of 3): I figer i agree with ya. Just a bunch of Obem... Obam, um... Obamunism.
Ted: John, lets get the hell outta Alabama.
by ConPhlikt January 08, 2009

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