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A bizarre cult of the personality arising in the 3rd Millenium in the United States in which millions of people discarded all forms of rational thought and became mesmerized by the liquid delivery style of Senator Barack Obama. These people were led, Pied Piper like, into the swamps of despair upon discovering that Obama's far left philosophy didn't work any better than any of the other socialist experiments of the past century.
Obammunists at a rally in Dallas, Texas, erupted in applause when the Senator blew his nose. Many worshippers fell to their knees and begged to be hit by the holy spray. Contents of the handkerchief were to be bronzed and placed in the Obammunist Museum.
by DaMav February 20, 2008
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Devout followers of Senator Barack Hussein Obama, 2008 US Presidential candidate, usually characterized by screams, tears of joy and a desire for "change." Usually found at Obama rallies, Starbucks and college campuses.
Joey is a true Obammunist. He never misses a rally!
by Politically Addicted February 14, 2008
A person who follows the leadership of the far left, communist leader barack hussein obama.
That Obammunist got Barack voted into office. Awe man.
by Tyler boi May 01, 2009
to support obammunism .
changing ones mind after being inducted into office , or a position of power .
promising one thing and then doing another or in most cases nothing at all.
(see obama's health-care plan & recession bail-out plan)

someone who participates in Obammunism.
Tom:Hey, that guy said he was going to pull the troops out of iraq.
Robert: i know man, i wonder when that's gonna happen.
Tom:this blows i know i shouldn't have voted obammunist
robert: lawls .
by jamez kirk February 08, 2010

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