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Unquestioning follower of a charismatic, arrogant leader. Akin to the "ites" mentioned in the Old Testament, who served as God's rod against Israel.
Sen. Nancy Pelosi, Sen. Harry Reid and Rep. Barney Frank are high profiled Obamites. The college student standing outside the grocery store, trying to get you to sign that petition to outlaw meat-eating is the prototypical Obamite.
by dizattolah March 29, 2009
One who supports Barack Obama in his Quest for change.
After careful consideration Milby & Ann have become Obamites.
by Anneason Seelen February 28, 2008
An Obamite is a nigga who is culturally white, but tries to have a little nigga street cred.
Cuba Gooding Jr, Wayne Brady, Marc Lamont Hill, & Colin Powell. Are examples of an Obamite.
by Gipsies Son May 08, 2011
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