noun- syn. abomination-
1. The irreparable state of a nation, in which USA will enter, if Barack Hussein Obama is elected president.
2. A potentially reversely-discrimating, marxist-state ruled over by Barack Obama.
3. A political movement attempting to have Barrack Hussein Obama elected to president which fails recognize his absurb, contridictory, potentially racist and marxist political views concealed by feel-good, non-specific, pseudo-hippie rhetoric.
3. A presidential candidate who both listens to Revernd Wright for 20+ years and only recently finds fault with his views.
4. A presidential candidate whos a wife states twice in one day that states she is "...for the first time in my(her) adult life proud of America..." and finds no fault in this view and admonishs others for criticizing it.
5. A presidential candite who dumps public campain financing, which he previously backed and praised, in order to avoid federal letigation that limits campain financing and enables such candidate to unlimited campain funds provided by mindless zealots over the internet.
Mc Cain is not the perfect presidential canidate..but electing Obama will result in an complete Obamanation.

by Please help us all!!! July 10, 2008
Top Definition
1. The horrible state of affairs that results after a Barack Obama win as president; OR 2. the fanatical obsession that has swept the United States in support of Barack Obama.
Def. 1 - "This economic policy is an Obamanation".

Def. 2 - "He has done so well that it is clearly an Obamanation."
by PatBerkHtsNJ March 04, 2008
Like an abomination, but what this country will become if Barack Hussein Obama is elected president.
Ever since the election, America has become an obamanation.
by Kevin L. Kitchens February 17, 2008
A complete desolation that will cover the United States should our nation be stupid enough to elect Barack Obama as our president. syn: abomination
You're thinking of voting for Obama? You've been drinking the kool-aid? Man, that's an obamanation! We're screwed!
by PUMA Dave July 10, 2008
the word used to describe a policy that is not in favor of the people
The healthcare laws are an obamanation to the people of this country
by twistednick August 04, 2012
The current economic/political mess this country is experiencing due to our leaders.
He has been laid off and is on food stamps due to the current obamanation.
by stealth46 July 22, 2012
(noun) A tent city similar to hooverville in nature.
After they take my home, i hope you and i live in the same obamanation.
by greencowboy July 24, 2011
Similar to abomination: What the U.S. will be if Barack Obama becomes president.
*wraps turban on head*
America is the great beast and also an Obamanation.
by Nick's Fix February 15, 2008
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