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An Obamanation is the destruction of a nation caused by a voter base that believes in the hollow promises of government officials and electoral processes and blindly elects said officials to run civil affairs thus tottaly destroying the hope for change that said voters desired. This may or may not have anything to do with said elected official only that they were at the helm.
" I voted for him and now he's turned this nation into an Obamanation."
#government #obama #nationalism #the united states of america #change
by theluckiestboyintheworld December 26, 2011
The "Gay Sock" is the sock that is always missing on laundry day, usually because it's been thrown behind a dresser or hidden under a mattress after being "Used".
"Guy wants to mess around, take things aint his? slap him with " The Gay Sock".
#oven mitt #sandwhich bag #sausage skin #spent condom #cellophane.
by theluckiestboyintheworld December 25, 2011
The name for the province of Alberta in Canada after having been taken over by various corporations intent on the liquidation of environmental asset, namely Halliburton in relations to the abundant Tar Sands.
" I hear that in Halberta they give 400 dollars to every man woman and child in recompense for the destruction of caribou wintering grounds."

"Honey, get the kids, we're moving to Halberta."
#alberta #halliburton #corporate agenda #gas and oil #privitization of public asset
by theluckiestboyintheworld December 30, 2011
A Nule is a conjunction of the word new and rules, it implies awareness of practical laws and the joy of abiding by them or disobeying them in a new way and usually hilarious way.
"But officer, I was following the nules when I was driving backwards at 80mph, I wasn't breaking the speed limit."

"Baby, you know I love you, but that's just the nules of the game."
#rules #new rules #breaking rules #changing rules #law #behavioral modification
by theluckiestboyintheworld December 26, 2011
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