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The country where Barack Obama is president.
My friend from Spain came to visit me and I gave her a tour of our Obamanation.
by Claudia Broome July 10, 2008
An Obamanation is the destruction of a nation caused by a voter base that believes in the hollow promises of government officials and electoral processes and blindly elects said officials to run civil affairs thus tottaly destroying the hope for change that said voters desired. This may or may not have anything to do with said elected official only that they were at the helm.
" I voted for him and now he's turned this nation into an Obamanation."
by theluckiestboyintheworld December 26, 2011
Not to be confused with abomination.
Obama-nation is the beginning of a new era in American History.
In January, everyone will be watching the Obama-nation rally behind its President.
by ToriVF November 07, 2008
(abomination) A descriptor for someone who ruins your life by robbing your every cent. Also can be a word for a smelly liar or a belly lint and nose picking loser who likes to smoke even though his wife may or may not own the nation's biggest save obese kids and stay healthy campaign.
Wow, did you see the new kid? He's a total obamanation.

That robber is a nasty gruesome obamanation rigtht there.

All democrats are obamanations.
by Brimmy the whimmy swimmy mimmy March 05, 2013
of or relating to the heinious cult surrounding barack obama, a portmanteau word combining obama + nation, sounding humorously like abomination
hilary is a bad democratic canidate, but the other is just an obamanation
by dom g February 15, 2007
A derisive term referring to items, laws and policies that the conservative Right finds very objectionable that have originated with, or have been signed into law by President Obama.
John: Did you hear the news that President Obama signed the Healthcare bill into law?

Jeff: Yes, it's an Obamanation. I don't like it.
by Jakob M March 31, 2010
Patently false and outrageous claims about the President Barack Obama
Republican: The President's plan will create "Death Panels" to foreshadow or cause deaths of the elderly.
Democrat: That is untrue. The President's statements were directed at living will planning intended to absolve family members from making difficult and conflicted decisions while faced with possible passing of a beloved family member. This is an Obamanation.
by OBamaOhYeah August 28, 2009