Not to be confused with abomination.
Obama-nation is the beginning of a new era in American History.
In January, everyone will be watching the Obama-nation rally behind its President.
by ToriVF November 07, 2008

Used to describe the United States of America and all of its commonwealth territories while under the executive command of its 44th President, Barack Hussein Obama.
1. Prescott became disheartened while watching C-SPAN as he realized that Congress hasn't accomplished anythings since the US became the Obamanation of the earth.

2. It's an Obamanation that the Iraq war continued for four more years after Dick and Bush left office.
by Cyberobotic January 18, 2012
A nation where proper speech and debate is controlled by first amendment hating racists who believe that any legitimate criticism of a black politician's policies (unless he is a Republican), can most easily be dismissed by dubbing it "racist" instead of critically thinking about the issues.
Person One: "I don't think that President Obama's hastily passed 850 Billion Dollar "Stimulus Package" will help us recover from the current economic crisis but will instead, lead our country to an intolerable rate of inflation, more national debt, and a weakened global position."

Person Two: "Stimu-what? Man, you just don't like a black man in the White House."

Person One: "Oh, I forgot, we live in an Obama Nation, where it's illegal to criticize the President's policies. My bad... I'll resume my first amendment rights when we no longer have a black president."
by oldmanklc7734 May 14, 2009
What it will be if Obama becomes president of the United States. An Obama nation and an abomination.
"If Obama wins, it'll be an obamanation."
by HarvesterOfSorrow January 30, 2008
Patently false and outrageous claims about the President Barack Obama
Republican: The President's plan will create "Death Panels" to foreshadow or cause deaths of the elderly.
Democrat: That is untrue. The President's statements were directed at living will planning intended to absolve family members from making difficult and conflicted decisions while faced with possible passing of a beloved family member. This is an Obamanation.
by OBamaOhYeah August 28, 2009
The new era of life we live in. Can be both good or bad.
Welcome to the Obamanation!
by Obamanaut January 29, 2009
Antonym to Abomination, When something that was once good and pure has completely become a shell of its former self, and Obamanation is when a glimmer of hope unites people in earnesty in the restoration of said subject to former glory.
When a country is run by a black man named Barack it will be an Obamanation
by Seeker2 September 15, 2008

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