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Typically describing deomcrats who support Barack Obama.
"Hillary who? I am an Obamacrat this year."
by MikeWomack February 11, 2008
96 16
Those who became interested in politics as a result of the high profile Presidential campaign in 2008, and who have now suddenly become disengaged from politics again.
Obamacrats haven't become involved Democrats.
by DenverJohn W October 08, 2009
48 29
someone who voted for Barack Obama because he is supposedly cool or because he is black
AKA: someone that doesn't know anything about politics or Obama's platform at all
Joe: Who are you voting for?
Bob: Obama
Joe: Why?
Bob: I dunno, he's cool n McCain would die in office
Joe: Wow ur an Obamacrat
by Reaganomix April 06, 2009
31 21
A high level bureaucrat appointed by the president and is only accountable to the president. See czar.
The President just appointed another Obamacrat today. He's called the Czar Czar.
by kintari June 12, 2009
11 44
Anyone believing that Obama belongs in the Democratic party, rather than the fascist or socialst parties. anyone who is ignorant enough to believe that 'too much free speech is a bad thing,' that the majority of those who disagree with Obama-care are simply racist, or that the man is even remotely qualified to run a McDonald's, let alone a country.
"God, I wish all these fucking Obamacrats would grow up and realize that printing more money isn't going to fix anything."
"Hey, Obamacrats, I'll take my guns, money and first amendment rights, you can keep the change."
by urdoingitwrong! October 03, 2009
26 107