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A means of high speed air travel consisting of an aircraft that is totally solar powered.
Hey Mabel look, another solar jet went down.
by kintari June 11, 2009
An aging 60's radical. Drives a VW bus or Prius to the Whole Foods. Is balding but has a pony tail. Quite possibly has a child in their 40's named Moonbeam or Song. Belongs to the AARP and the ACLU.
Mary and her hippie geezer husband considered moving to Canada when Bush was elected.
by kintari June 11, 2009
The practice of feminist groups turning a blind eye when a conservative woman is attacked, or going after people that are threatening who they consider their guy.

Example 1 Gov. Palin

Example 2 Monica Lewinsky, Paula Jones etc.
Feminists are femiselective about what the get outraged about.
by kintari June 12, 2009
A high level bureaucrat appointed by the president and is only accountable to the president. See czar.
The President just appointed another Obamacrat today. He's called the Czar Czar.
by kintari June 12, 2009

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