the proof that americans are dumb enough to elect a black man as president. next time we will learn from that One Big Ass Mistake America!
I got home from a stressful day at work and saw another Obama news story on.
by ktkatt June 06, 2011
our president obama is a dumb ass nigger
by obimbosucks November 20, 2010
Synonym for nigger
That Obama is really fuckin up this country
by hate_obama July 15, 2010
a dumbass nigga who is runnin america cause americans were bein idiots
Obama is a dumbass nigga.
by whiteperson123 March 25, 2010
A Nigger.
Obama = Nigger
by Pothos November 23, 2009
a token black guy.
they chose that obama so as to give people the impression, it was not in anyway racist.
by Ron_Paul August 27, 2008
One Big Ass Mistake America
Obama is one big ass mistake
by muddin_cowgirl October 18, 2010

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