One Big Ass Mistake America
In 2008, the American people elected a BIG ass retard, Obama for the 44th president.... Thanks Demicraps
by Gun toatin red neck March 07, 2009
v. To hate your race. To hate the poor.
Dude's obamaing! He just kicked a single mom in line at the food bank!
by DurocShark May 07, 2008
the shittiest president that there ever has been or that there ever will be.
oh my god obama is such a fucker shitty president. i hope he dies.
by iamgeorgewbush July 10, 2009
A nigga that did something no one thought would be possible. And did what a lot of people thought he would do as soon as he got into office. And will not do what a lot of other nigga and mexican were hoping he would do.
Obama just became president. And he is already fucking up. That what you get for trusting a nigga. When is going to legalize weed???
by Fatboi AKA "Wetback" m proud February 10, 2009
To take away something (i.e., money) from those that earn it through hard work, and give it away to those who don't deserve it (i.e., CEO's that ran businesses into the ground, those who refuse to work, those who
couldn't afford their mortgage in the first place).
"Why did you obama my money to those ghetto drug-addicts?"

"Nancy Pelosi and Barney Frank obamad us through the non-stimulus massive spending plan."

"We are all going to suffer if the Democrats keep obamaing our tax dollars."
by American Terminologist May 21, 2009
verb: To Waste something. Named for the way our President throws tax payer money around without a care in the world.

"Don't Obama our last roll of toilet paper, we can't buy more until tomorrow"
by whaduzitmatr April 22, 2009
VERB. To talk grandly for hours about a future move you are going to make, then making the move and upon realizing it is completely wrong, blaming it on someone else (opposite party)."
Sam: "Oh my gosh, we were playing team rummikub the other night and my partner fred totally obama'd this massive move and made me take all the blame."
by camdenator September 09, 2008

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