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A Liberal
"The Democratic Party Symbol is the Ass"

"Republicans kicked Ass in the 2010 congressional elections"

"Obama is a real Ass"

"I drove through Detroit, and as soon as I entered the city limits some ass decided to cut me off"

"I got lost and wound up in Detroit where some Ass pulled a knife on me... As soon as I flashed my revolver he took off running. Thank god for the 2nd amendment or I would be dead"
by PatrioticAmerican June 02, 2011
A word to describe something so evil it cannot be described.
Bob: You are a Obama Supporter.
Joe: I am not, I have morals you know!

Bob: Did you hear what the Obama Administration did?
Joe: If it's Obama it can't be good.

Bob: Obama said he saved jobs.
Joe: No wonder everyone in my office got laid off today.

Bob: Did you hear Obamacare was signed into law?
Joe: Remind me not to get sick, ever again.

Bob: Obama is supporting the Democratic Senator for reelection in 2010
Joe: Well than I'm voting Republican
by PatrioticAmerican June 02, 2011

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