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A large, clumsy, slow witted buffoon. One that acts oaffishly.
You fucking oaf!
by Schmark March 17, 2004
(n.) Unintelligent, tall clumsy person with large hands and feet, and a small penis. Competes in sports while using simplified language such as 'Gareth throw discus'. Oafs have big skulls and limited intelligence. Slow witted and plodding in speech.
Gareth the oaf crashed his bike into a ditch and broke his leg.

by Kung-fu Jesus June 24, 2004
A clumsy awkward stupid person
That homo Ronnie is such an oaf.
by tinatino October 09, 2006
A large, clumsy, dim-witted individual who tends to break things.
Tony: Oren sat on my lawn chair and it broke into a million pieces.

Nick: Damn! What an oaf!
by The O.T. December 16, 2010
A stupid, uncultured person
You fucking oaf
by ms2148 May 21, 2015
An OAF is a derogatory term for the elderly meaning 'Old As Fuck'
'The car in front is so slow!'
'Must be an OAF driving'
by asd38 May 22, 2013
An acronym for 'Old as fuck' - Pronounced as spelled.

Used to describe an old person, also usually a luddite.
Damn - Your dad had to call you from his house phone to ask you how to send a txt on his cell phone? He must be OAF!
by PittaMan March 05, 2011

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