Mentally challenged human or orangutan, out-cast by their abnormally large manboobs and incredibly low brain-nut.
"HALO I M TEH BESTSED PPL IN DA WERLD!1 I LIV IN MA LARG MANSHUN N I M DA MOST POPULA GURL IN SKEWL!11" - the Female Oaf, found in its natural habitat... AOL.
by Bastardized Bottomburp July 24, 2003
Odd as fuck
Person 1: Wow, dude, I can' believe I just saw a midget knight with a flaming sword riding a unicorn.

Person 2: Yeah, that shit was OAF.
by @SoOffensiveBro January 26, 2014
acronym for "only a friend" - a guy who will do just about anything with an attractive woman, short of anything sexual.

hence, his status of being "only a friend".
"...oh you mean that hot babe talking with Dave over there? don't worry dude,they're not a couple. you can still try to score with her....he's just an oaf!"
by Robbie May 14, 2005
A person, normally larger in shape, who is extremely lazy. Normally drinks excessive amounts of budweiser and smokes excessive amounts of THC. An oaf will go out of his way to be lazy.
Guy 1: Yo, henry can you close that window?

Henry: nah dude i dont wanna get up.

Guy 1: you oaf
by Mudbone15 October 24, 2014
1. A stupid person like Dan Snyder, owner of the Washington NFL Franchise who refuses to change the racist name of the team, Redskins.

2. An acronym for the Original Americans Foundation which was created by Dan Snyder, owner of the Washington NFL Franchise.
Dan Snyder created a charity called Oaf, which also perfectly describes him.
by Olbermann August 14, 2014
Obsessed Angry Female Stalkers
You're in luck that the Doff has come up with some great ways, to take care of these OAFS.
by The Game 420 July 14, 2011
Old has fuck.
Dude, that bike of yours is O.A.F!
by jak3b12 September 21, 2009

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