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An acronym for 'Old as fuck' - Pronounced as spelled.

Used to describe an old person, also usually a luddite.
Damn - Your dad had to call you from his house phone to ask you how to send a txt on his cell phone? He must be OAF!
by PittaMan March 05, 2011
10 7
Old As Fuck. This is also another term for 'Stale'. When someone tells a joke or story and you have already heard it a thousand times.
That comedian Basket Mouth needs to get his game up. All his jokes are OAF these days.

Nna ehn! My oga at the top just dey nack me joke turn turn. I just the laugh but all the joke na so so OAF sha but I still dey laugh. Man need that promotion.
by Guru Salty May 17, 2013
4 2
Old has fuck.
Dude, that bike of yours is O.A.F!
by jak3b12 September 21, 2009
3 1
acronym for "only a friend" - a guy who will do just about anything with an attractive woman, short of anything sexual.

hence, his status of being "only a friend".
"...oh you mean that hot babe talking with Dave over there? don't worry dude,they're not a couple. you can still try to score with her....he's just an oaf!"
by Robbie May 14, 2005
82 80
Odd as fuck
Person 1: Wow, dude, I can' believe I just saw a midget knight with a flaming sword riding a unicorn.

Person 2: Yeah, that shit was OAF.
by dmr1286 January 26, 2014
1 0
Obsessed Angry Female Stalkers
You're in luck that the Doff has come up with some great ways, to take care of these OAFS.
by The Game 420 July 14, 2011
2 1
An oaf is a short, rotund human being who likes to eat excessive amounts of pork pies or other fatty foodstuff and dribble all over the floor/pillow. They are slow creatures, both physically and mentally and have little capacity for rational thought or common sense. They become angry easily and have been known to slap poor, innocent individuals.
Rachael De Carteret is the epitome of the word oaf.
by blobbymcgee November 22, 2010
15 15