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An acronym originating from 'off your face', pronounced "oi-ff". Often used to describe the zonked state of oneself after consuming a large medley of illicit substances, mostly notably blow and mj from the good old billy - and as a result no longer being on a level of sanity.
Although a state or feeling, i.e To be "OYF", "OYF" is more commonly used as an adjective.

"Don't bother asking Bud, hes OYF."
"This cunt is always OYF"
"I thought you weren't getting OYF tonight, you junky dog."
by LaFemme19 March 01, 2009
A general expression of dismay, usually said by Canadians.

Similar to oy.
oyf, my roommate is a baptist.
by Noah July 02, 2004
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