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An acronym originating from 'off your face', pronounced "oi-ff". Often used to describe the zonked state of oneself after consuming a large medley of illicit substances, mostly notably blow and mj from the good old billy - and as a result no longer being on a level of sanity.
Although a state or feeling, i.e To be "OYF", "OYF" is more commonly used as an adjective.

"Don't bother asking Bud, hes OYF."
"This cunt is always OYF"
"I thought you weren't getting OYF tonight, you junky dog."
by LaFemme19 March 01, 2009
The conscious decision one makes to spend an entire weekend indoors getting OYF and talking smack to their friends. Usually done within the comfort of a batcave with the aid of a five dollar note and a heated plate. The 3 day long binge often ends with a hectic sesh and some xannies.
"Yeeeeeeah bra, whats the plan for the long weekend?"
"I was thinkin to just Batman-it"

"Where was Bud last night?"
"He batmanned it, hard."
by LaFemme19 June 14, 2009
The location in which a group of typically three or more people batman-it and get absolutely OYF for extended periods of time. Usually a hotel room, or garage, the batcave is complete with a billy, munchies, cigarettes, a television and couches with multiple burn holes in them. The original batcave has a Swastika marked on the brick wall.
"Wheres the reshn?"
"Oh fuck, I left it in the batcave"
"Latif's batcave or Saba's batcave?"

by LaFemme19 June 14, 2009

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